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Current Meeting Minutes/Agenda


Board meeting Sunday November 10th 2019 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Meeting was called to order at 5:34 pm by Mark Feldpausch


Present: Mark Feldpausch, Aaron Shank, Chad Lockwood, Linda Enright, Andy Thelen

                                Missing: John Gehringer, Casey Livingston, Ben Helms, Gary Grider

Others in attendance: Jordan Schneider

New Business:

Financial Update:

* It has been determined that we owe nothing in sales tax for the 2019 Baseball/Softball season

* Aaron motioned that we pay Scott for any fee/services he provides for doing our upcoming 2019 taxes in 2020, Chad seconded, Casey third, and approved by all.
* Andy motioned to allow Scott pay any taxes that we may owe in 202, Mark second, Casey third,and approved by all

* Aaron updates a previous meetings vote to keep $4000 available for non-budgeted expenses (Last meeting it was voted to have $4500 but $500 is being used to purchase a freezer/ice machine of the concessions).

* As voted in our last meeting the lawn tractor that was purchased from Bee's Motor Sports is paid off

* Aaron will look into other banks that could possibly give us a better interest rate without locking our money in for an extended period of time.

                * Aaron is asking for budgets by January 1st meeting for Rec (Chad), travel (mark), facility (aaron), equipment (Jordan),

Fundraising for each division (Facilities will be metal drive)



* Aaron motioned to purchase 5 new toilets and 1 urinal. Chad second, Mark third, approved by all

* Aaron motioned to have a sign put on dug-outs for Bill McCann, Kurt Luttig, Jack Downing, and Peter Sunny Day Foundation and split cost travel and rec budgets and also to fix the Luke Sickles. Andy Second, Casey Third, approved by all
* Batting Cages – We are keeping the one good net, need to purchase two new nets. Of the $4000 non-budgeted funds we would like spend $2000 on the nets and improving the overall area.

Casey will call and get quote for concrete

Miller – Will donate 1/2 the concrete needed

                        Pope – will lay the concrete

                        Smith Lawnscape - Will seed the area around the batting cages 

Casey motions, Aaron seconds, Andy third, approved by all

* Future project – Looking into cost, for inclosing pavilion for storage

Plan to do the same schedule from last year for product and maintenance

Lights on the building (JC Electric needs to get back)

Casey motions to get the spring clean-up, chad second, Andy thrid, approved by all

Machine leveler – look for a used self leveler (Sand Trap Machine)

* Aaron Motioned to remove the bar for helmets. And ear make $250. SJYBA would pay for material and have labor donated to build shelves. Chad second, Casey third, approved by all



Softball Tournaments will be ran the same weekends as baseball.

                Look into using the City fields for softball

* Mark motions for cutting a check for officials for the entire season, Andy second, Aaron third, approved by all

* We will be raise travel cost to $150

* Mark motioned for travel teams to allowed $800 or away tournaments, Aaron second, Casey third, approved by all

* Aaron motioned to raise U8 cost to $100, Mark seconded, Jordan third, approved by all

                Using the Gym for practice/travel (10-7 1.5 each). Charge $5.00 a kid.


                Will will look at using the City fields in May on Monday's through Thursday's, in June and July will will use them Monday's through Saturdays

                Fees – See below

                * Directors
Jordan Schneider– Tball

                Martinez – PeeWee

                Hagger – Minors

                Coaches clinic critical -2 (1 indoor pre-season, 1 mandatory in may)

                Officials clinic - Fred Wright would like to have an umpires clinic for any one who will be used for umpiring. This will be looked into and scheduled

Make change to include a $10.00 fee to Minors and above,
Change T-Ball and PeeWee registration fee to subtract $10 from cost add $10 for uniform cost.

Andy motioned to get prices on a net to put between A and B, Chad second, Casey thirds, approved by all
Chad motioned to look at prices for sun visors, for Visitor A, Home B and C, Andy second, Mark third, approved by all
Mark would like to add a link under the Travel Teams tab where teams who are competing in our tournaments can pay with credit card.

Next Meeting is scheduled for January 12 at 5:30 PM

Mark motioned to adjourn meeting, seconded by Chad, third by Casey, approved by all. Meeting was adjourned at 7:41 pm

Meeting Information

Upcoming Meetings:
* All meetings are held at the Feldpausch Field Clubhouse, unless otherwise stated *
Next Meeting

March 3rd, 2019; 5:30-6:30

Meeting Minutes:







Board Meeting Schedule and Meeting Minutes

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